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At the time of the most recent economic recession in Nevada, Nathan and his family lost nearly everything as the construction industry suffered. However, Nathan and his wife held strong and managed to keep their home because of their joint efforts. 

Nathan took several different jobs during that period which included working as a recreation director with the Washoe Tribe of NV and CA, a brief run as a dispatcher with the Carson City Sheriff's Office, worked in both Douglas County and Carson City School Districts as a substitute and full-time teacher, and finally arrived at a coordinating position at Beneficial Designs, a research & development firm constantly working towards improving access for people of all abilities. 

Christi, a graphic artist and professional photographer, also took on additional work to support the family. She accepted a position as a house photographer at Harrah’s and Harvey’s traveling to Stateline and back several times a week. She then worked as a production artist at the Nevada Appeal until later becoming the director of wedding photography with the Peppermill in Reno. All the while, she continued to run her own business shooting portraits, weddings, events and program photos with local dance studios. 

As the effects of the recession began to dissolve, Christi has been able to focus solely on her business and Nathan gradually returned to his original passion in the construction industry. He is currently with Form Consulting, a local business providing residential and structural design services, but continues to consult for Beneficial Designs due to his fondness for the firm and his new-found affection for identifying and removing barriers for persons with disabilities. 

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