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If elected, my goal will be to act with dignity, respect my fellow residents, and listen to any constituent who is willing to participate in civil discourse.


I will, to the best of my ability, weigh all sides of any issue and arrive at a decision based on an objective cost-benefit analysis for our county’s future.


I will not consider arguments for or against any issue that are based on disparaging the individuals or groups in opposition.


I will, to the best of my ability, promote a positive atmosphere in the way the County does business.


I will not make blanket promises, but will evaluate each issue on a case by case basis considering the merits and weaknesses.


I will, to the best of my ability, respect the office of County Commissioner and avoid making remarks or committing acts that would bring shame to the County or its residents.

I was raised old school, my parents taught me to be respectful and polite yet fiercely defend my family and home. Douglas County is my home, I went to school here, I was married here, I work here, and I am raising my children here. Unfortunately, the social landscape is changing, it seems the days of respectful debate may be behind us; replaced with attacks of the opponent rather than the promotion of one’s own perspective. The current political environment in Douglas County could arguably be characterized as toxic. It seems that there is an increasing lack of decorum shown as the most active or out-spoken participants become more polarized against each other. It is time someone begin to bridge the gap and attempt to restore civil discourse. We need to remember that the one thing that everyone agrees upon is that we want to preserve a rural lifestyle and our beautiful setting, it is essential that we work together to achieve this common goal.

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